The world's best group messaging app

Coming FREE to Android and iOS, August 2017

First 5,000 people get the LOOP Premium upgrade free for 6 months

Why is LOOP Messenger the best?

A unique group

specific experience

Organized threaded discussions and nested comments

Stay "in the loop" or "shut up" any discussion

Group priority controls eliminate endless notifications

Powerful admin and personalization controls

Group discovery

See "what's happening" in your location

Compare the difference

LOOP Premium is our cup of Joe

Group Colors

Make your discussions pop by choosing the color of your group posts

A ton of time and money goes into creating the world's best group messaging app. Sure, we'd do it all for free, but occasionally we need a caffeine fix to keep us going. For the meager price of a latte, you're helping to keep our coffee strong and our commitment to creating the world's best group messenger even stronger!

For only $2.99 a year, a Premium upgrade gets you all these awesome features.

Ad-free Groups

We will never
place ads in your private or secret groups

Secret Groups

Create secret groups that are hidden from public group searches

Privacy Promise

We commit to never selling the data of any Loop user

Group Priority

Choose the priority level for each of your groups

Unlimited Groups

Join and create as many groups as you wish
(non-premium is limited to 5)

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