Loop is great for all
types of groups
Clubs and Teams
Sports, clubs, hobbies, family and much more. Easily set up events and see who’s going.
Discover groups by interest i.e Crypto, Fantasy Sports, Gaming, Politics and more.
Global Topics
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Version 1.0 in the App Stores now, v2.0 coming spring 2019
Focus on having great group chat for your teams, clubs, coworkers, classmates, friends and networks. We'll keep it organized.
Threaded group
messaging done right
What’s coming in LOOP 2.0
Pure threaded messaging
New and improved pure threaded messaging will keep your conversations organized eliminating the endless stream of chat. Know who’s talking to who and where conversations start and end, it’s all neat and tidy.
Easily set up events
and see who is attending
The Doing Button turns any conversation into an event and takes the guesswork out of who’s going.
Stay connected with the groups that matter most
With high, low & off notification controls, you’re in charge of the groups that get your attention.
Discover groups in your area, or anywhere in the world
Easily find groups in your local community, or join groups based on global topics such as fanatasy sports, cryptocurrency, gaming, politics and so much more.
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lands in early 2019
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