LOOP Organizations
If you’re looking to set up a communication network for faculty, administration, or staff use only, check out our solution for organizations.
Need internal communication only?
Reach the entire campus community
Imagine adopting a single messaging solution for the entire campus or school district. Students, faculty, and administrators can all share a single platform while offering the controls each segment needs.
News and emergency alerts easily distributed
Communicate directly with campus networks in a secure environment. Create public, private, or secret groups, and control which members are allowed to join.
A turn-key short form text messaging solution
A shared campus or district-wide messaging platform with a familar text-like interface with the right controls for all users.
Become a pilot university for 2019
Inquire to become a LOOP pilot university. We offer a steep discounted yearly licensing fee for our partners.
Access from anywhere
LOOP’s browser based web app acts as the schools communications
control panel
for administrators and students alike.
A campus or district solution to connect your entire education ecosystem. Now accepting pilot applications.
Campus messaging
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Threaded group messaging done right!
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